Contack Itchystop

Contack Itchystop

Contack Itchystop

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The safest and fastest remedy to relieve itchy skin. When mosquito, bed bug, mite and flea bite, it can cause the skin to itch for hours. But CONTACK ITCHYSTOP has the power to relieve the itching in seconds.


  • Fast, safe and simple.
  • AFTER EFFECT OF THE BITE: Continuous scratching will not stop the itch but will scar the skin and cause inflammation and infection, especially in young children. Just apply CONTACK ITCHYSTOP. It takes only a few seconds to see the result. No more scratching, no more ointment, no more balm and medicated oil.
  • HOW TO STOP ITCHY BUMP: Hold the CHROME PENDANT and gently glide the edge over the itchy spot for a few seconds and you will unknowingly feel the itch no more. When the itch disappears, the bump will lighten gradually.
  • WHAT HAPPENS WHEN BITTEN:  When insects bite, especially mosquito, bed bug and flea, they inject an anticoagulant and an anesthetic under your skin. The anticoagulant prevents the blood from clotting around the proboscis so it can draw blood easily. The anesthetic numbs the area so the victim is not aware until it wears off and feesl the itch.
  • WARNING: ITCHYSTOP is designed to stop itching bumps. It does not cure infection and disease transmitted by mosquito, bed bugs and other insects. Do not let children play with the pendant. Do not place ITCHYSTOP near a magnet.
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