mont-bell Japan Garlic Risotta
mont-bell Japan Garlic Risotta - Outdoor Food 3 mins
mont-bell Japan Garlic Risotta - Outdoor Food 3 mins
mont-bell Japan Garlic Risotta - Outdoor Food 3 mins

mont-bell Japan Garlic Risotta - Outdoor Food 3 mins

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RISOTTa series is a completely new outdoor food developed by Montbell.

Suitable for long-term storage. Just pour hot water or room temperature water to enjoy an easily-prepared meal! Not only a great companion to mountaineering and Camping trips, but also great to store in case of emergency. The package stands on its own, and can be used as its own bowl. Spoon not included.

Garlic flavor.

Brief instructions.

  • 1. Tear on the dotted lines and take out the desiccant silica gel packet.
  • 2. Pour in 175cc of hot water until the line shown inside the pack. Use a spoon to stir for 10 seconds. (Please note there's no spoon provided)
  • 3. Sealed up the pack to be served 3 mins later

  • You can enjoy it as it is with a crispy texture.
  • You can cook with water for 5 minutes, but boiling water is more delicious.


  • Very lightweight, ideal for carrying
  • Soft and gentle texture that is easy to eat even if you are tired
  • List of Ingredients: Rice (Vegetable Oil), Soy Protein, Chicken Extract (Including Wheat), Powdered Egg, Salt, Garlic, Soy Sauce, Sugar, Oyster Sauce, Dried Onion, Roast Garlic, Pepper/Seasoning (Amino Acids etc), Trehalose, Antioxidant (Vitamin E), Carotenoid Pigment

  • Allergens: Wheat, Egg, Soybean, Chicken (Shrimp, Crab, Buckwheat, Milk, Orange, Cashew nut, Kiwi, Beef, Seafood, Walnut, Sesame, Salmon, Banana, Pork, Matsutake, Peach, Yam, Apple, Gelatin)
  • Best Before : See package. Most are either by May 2025 or June 2026
  • Count, weight: 85g
  • Country of Origin: Japan

Nutrition Information

Per package (85g)

Energy  (unit : kcal)


Protein  (unit : gram)


Total fat  (unit : gram)


Carbohydrates   (unit : gram)


Sodium   (unit : gram)


Special conditions for storage OR instruction for use

  • Please store avoiding direct sunlight, heat and humidity
  • When using hot water, please be careful to burns
  • Please be careful not to cut your hand on the cut
  • Please do not use microwave oven
  • Please do not apply pressure or upside down in a state that put the hot water or water
  • Because you cannot eat oxygen scavenger, be sure to remove it
  • Please consume immediately after opening