Jun 30, 2021

Jason lives in Toronto and loves new bike tech and touring by bike.  Last year he rode over 100km on his inaugural ride with his 16" Revelo LIFT Pro and this year he topped that with an incredible 167km (103 mile) single day ride through Toronto and southern Ontario with his new 20" LIFT Pro! His trip was recorded on the Strava app and here is his story:

Did it!  And I'm absolutely beat.  =D

103 miles and the new folder held up great.  It was a fun ride!
I wish Google was more accurate though, as I headed out early and it didn't call for any rain, but the misty sprinkles were enough to keep my feet and socks wet for the entire ride. 
High park cherry blossoms were not yet out, but the park was fun because they shut out all motor vehicles. 
The Lift held up very well.  The top speed suits me and the shifting was perfect.  The bike needs a super cleaning now as all the mud from the Don Trail really built up over the ride. 
Below: Jason's 2018 LIFT Pro 16" and 2019 LIFT Pro 20".  Both with exclusive Anti-lock front brake pads, front mount racks, and CNC chainrings.
Summer 2018: Jason with his son and his 16" 2018 LIFT Pro customized with Anti-lock brakes, front rack and suspension seat post.
Jason packed his bag because you never know what you might need when going out for a day trip with your 5-year-old!

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