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Apr 19, 2021

Availability for the Revelo Foldable Bicycle 

In our Mandarin Galley shop (#03-21) from 25 Jun 2021 onwards.

The available models for the Revelo Foldable Bicycle

There will be two models of Revelo Foldable Bicycle available to purchase - The 20" Revelo Sport and 20" Revelo Pro. The Pro version is an exclusive release and model as it is only released in Singapore. 

Revelo Lift Pro Black

An Innovative Foldable Bicycle 

5 Second Fold - With a unique build and design, it helps the user save up so much time in the folding aspect.


Lightweight - It is highly impressive, a 20" foldable bicycle and weighing as low as 10.4 KG. In addition to this, the parts that have been selected for the foldie are chosen for its lightweight and excellent performance.

 Revelo Lift Pro Black

Compact & Narrow Fold - The dimensions of the 2021 Revelo LIFT Sport and Pro are 84 x 67 x 33 cm and 81 x 65 x 33 cm respectively. Taking minimal floor area space, it is much more compact. Not only that, it is also narrow when folded which helps with easy accessibility - be it onto the public transport or even walking around with it at malls. 

Revelo Lift Pro

THINstem Tech - With a patented folding THINstem (Turn Handlebar Instantly Narrow stem), the user is able to save space when walking around and not hitting others. User is also able to store it easier - as the handlebar is not disrupting the space.



Can it be fit into a car boot?

We tested a total of 5 vehicles and tried fitting the Revelo LIFT in each vehicle's car boot. With the proper protection emphasized on the bicycle and the car, a minimum of two folded Revelo bicycles are able to fit inside. A Kia Sedona Van is able to hold 10 units of the Revelo bicycles which are folded and fitted into vertical position respectively.

Cars tested include

Kia Sedona Van, Kia Niro 1.6L, Nissan Qashai, Honda Civic Hybrid 1.3L, Range Rover.

Revelo Foldable Bicycle Singapore Outdoor

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