We should work as a team: To Save Nature, To Save Our Future!

Nov 24, 2021
Hey Lik,
Last week, leaders all over the world concluded a conference in Glasgow about what to do about the future of our planet. As headlines focus on the words of individual leaders and country-specific goals, at BioLite we are humbly reminded that our climate destiny will be shared by all of us – and that equitable, sustainable energy access must be a part of the solution. So today I want to say thank you.
Thank you for helping BioLite take real, measurable, and immediate action on a cleaner, safer world for everyone. In a world of abstract challenges and hand-wringing, together we are taking concrete steps to do something that creates instant impact. Here’s what you helped us accomplish in 2021: 
Over 3.3 million people living off-grid across Africa now have access to clean energy (up from 1.4 million in 2020).
BioLite products helped avoid over 651,349 tons of CO2e from the atmosphere (that’s like taking 141,598 cars off the road for a year).
300+ brands have become Certified Climate Neutral thanks to customers like you demanding more responsible business.
Energy is science (sun, heat, wind, electricity), but more importantly it is social: it is an invisible thread that weaves throughout our daily lives, many of us interacting with it so constantly we don’t even realize it. It is the light at night that keeps conversations going just a bit longer, the warm meal on your holiday plate, the video call with a loved one far away. Everyone deserves access to safe, reliable energy. 
At BioLite, our mission sits at the core of our organization: it’s not a seasonal campaign or a check we write to a partner, it’s the business of our business. It’s why we come to work every day and why it means so much to us when you choose BioLite to power your home and adventure. Thank you for believing in us, our products, and our actions. With your help, BioLite is proving that the solutions don’t start in 2030 – they’re happening right now. 
This holiday season, as you connect with friends and family, know that millions of others around the world are enjoying time together thanks to your support. By choosing a renewable energy future, we are taking care of each other and our planet all in one bold choice. We are so proud of this community. Thank You.
In Gratitude,
Jonathan Cedar, CEO
Jonathan Cedar, CEO
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