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Mar 18, 2021

Scheidegg Technology

Based on the experience gained in the field, mont-bell has created a series of lightweight bicycles from scratch, from the frame design to the selection of parts, with the concept of a comfortable bike that would be accessible to many people. 

In order to create a bike that is easy for first-time riders to ride and comfortable for a wide range of cyclists to enjoy, Scheidegg technology is introduced to best fits the Asian physique and the any situation of terrains.

Unique design for Asian fit

A bicycle frame size is determined by the size of the frame, and most bicycle frames are designed based on a Western person's physique. In order to fit Asian people, who have shorter arms and inseam than Westerners, the overall top tube length is shortened and the stand over height (ride height from the ground) has been lowered.

Montbell Foldable Bicycle Singapore

Frame size characteristics

By shortening the top tube length, the amount of tension in the arms and the amount of forward lean has been reduced. By lowering the height of the bike, the frame doesn't interfere with the inseam when stopped. The frame is designed to reduce the load on the body and make your pedalling more comfortable.

Lighter and more comfortable

In order to ride a bike on the many ups and downs and stop-and-go traffic lights, the frame material and parts have been selected for its superior light weight and optimal performance.

Montbell Foldable Bicycle Singapore


Frame Features

The frame uses triple-butted tubing, where each tube has a different thickness to provide optimal strength under load, effectively reducing weight without sacrificing strength. (Aluminum frame only)

The welded surfaces that connect the various parts of the frame are treated with a "smooth welding finish" to create a strong and visually pleasing smooth welding surface. (Except for the Scheidegg® TX-B and Scheidegg® GT CARBON series)

With a lower gear ratio for hill climbs and a crank length that is best suited to Asian riders, the Scheidegg design is comfortable to ride in for you.

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