Montbell Bicycle Warranty Policy

The bicycle warranty is guarantee for 1 year after purchasing bikes (not-used) except for cases within the exclusions. Please see the policy as below.

Warranty Policy

This warranty guarantees that X-Boundaries will provide free repair, or in cases where repair is not possible, replacement (here after Warranty Repair). All parts or products replaced become property of X-Boundaries.

1. This warranty will be in effect for one year from the date of purchase (exclusions may apply, see part 4).

2. Fees for the following services are the responsibility of the owner.

  • The repair or replacement of parts not under warranty (consumable parts).
  • Maintenance, adjustments and cleaning.
3. Warranty Terms and Conditions
    • In order to receive Warranty Repair, bring this warranty and bicycle to the original store of purchase. This warranty must be presented at the time of claim.
    • Any alterations, such as writing over the original warranty page, will invalidate this warranty.
    • If you have moved or received this bicycle as a gift, contact X-Boundaries Customer Service.
    • This warranty is only valid if the serial number is intact. Furthermore, this bicycle was designed for use within Singapore. This warranty is only valid within Singapore.

    4. Warranty Exclusions.

    This warranty does not apply to damage or failure due to:

      • User negligence, abuse, improper usage or care.
      • Collision, falling over, riding over curbs, or riding into ditches.
      • Not following local laws and regulations (such as riding at night without a light or reflectors or two riders on the bicycle).
      • Commercial usage (such as rentals being used by a large number of people).
      • Natural disasters (fire, earthquake, lightning, flooding) or man-made disasters.
      • Installation of parts or accessories not originally included with the bicycle.
      • Usage on extreme terrain or terrain not normally used by bicycles.
      • Continued usage of a bicycle that isn't properly maintained or requires repair.
      • Not conducting regular maintenance.
      • Improper storage and improper maintenance, such as paint peeling, corrosion, rusting, and the natural color fading of plastic parts.
      • Natural wear and fatigue.
      • Perceived problems that have no affect on actual performance, such as sound, vibrations, oil staining, etc.
      • Cosmetic damage.
      • Improper installations or repairs of the bicycle.
      • Additional costs associated with claiming the Warranty Repair, such as, but not limited to.

      5. Parts

      Even if your bicycle is not covered by the warranty, parts are available for purchase. However, only the newest parts may be available.

      6. This warranty guarantees Warranty Repair for the length of the warranty and as described by the warranty terms and conditions. This warranty does not give you any legal rights.

      7. Component Warranty

      Each part is under manufacture warranty.