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2 comments May 3, 2021

Our shipment has arrived in late April 2021 with the first collection on 01 May 2021. First batch of Revelo owner

Two models of folding bicycles are available in Singapore - Sport and Pro SG. Both with 20" wheel size. Pro SG is specifically made for Singapore. Not found in their own home country.

Revelo Lift Sport

Revelo Lift Sport Blue

Revelo Lift Pro

Revelo Lift Pro Black

Revelo Singapore

Another colour that's specifically for Singapore is the Raw Aluminium colour. A brushed aluminium with clear coating that's not painted. This premium uncoloured colour demands higher craftsmanship. Only 6 units available worldwide. Important instructions and videos on the safe operation of Revelo LIFT.

Before each ride:

  • Check the close stem quick-releases is firmly secured with the lock frame-hinge.
  • Ensure the magnet-plate is tightly fastened to the fork

For proper set up, please watch this video:


Download a copy of the THINstem installation instructions here

Download a copy of your Owner's Manual Lift 2021 here:

We appreciate all feedback and please feel free to share your review. Thank you.


  • eSales X-Boundaries June 29, 2021 at 9:23 pm

    Weight w/o Frame Kickstand
    REVELO LIFT PRO, 8 speed 20" Foldable Bicycle : 10.7kg
    REVELO LIFT SPORT, 8 speed 20" Foldable Bicycle : 11.4kg

  • Zim June 29, 2021 at 9:00 pm

    Wats th weight of bike

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