Nitecore EDC33 - 4000 lumens
Nitecore EDC33 - 4000 lumens
Nitecore EDC33 - 4000 lumens
Nitecore EDC33 - 4000 lumens
Nitecore EDC33 - 4000 lumens
Nitecore EDC33 - 4000 lumens
Nitecore EDC33 - 4000 lumens

Nitecore EDC33 - 4000 lumens

Nitecore EDC33 - 4000 lumens

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Powerful flood and spot beams, safety sensors and easy lockout and controls combine for a true everyday carry light that works across every industry. Waterproof with built-in USB-C Charging.

Power and controls of a full-sized tactical light. Rapid lock and proximity sensor makes it suitable for real everyday carry, on or off duty.

Half the size of typical tactical lights, with greater control and safety features

  • 4,000-lumen brightness over 450 meters
  • Built-in 4,000mAh rechargeable battery
  • 2hr Quick Charging via USB-C
  • LuminShield Floodlight and Search Spotlight modes
  • Proximity Sensor to prevent accidental burning
  • 9x UHi MAX LEDs with 4 brightness levels 
  • Highly visible charging and battery level indicator
  • 2 lockout modes to prevent accidental use
  • Complete one-handed controls
  • IP68 Weatherproof and 2m Impact resistant

9 Micro LEDs combine to give you the right beam at the right time. A great addition for first responders, law enforcement, and more.

SUPER LONG RUNTIME - 2 hours and 31 minutes of runtime at 1,200 lumens gets all of your tasks done with time to spare. The EDC33 runs up to 31 hours on low mode, making it a fantastic emergency light.

RAPID LOCK DESIGN - The safest and most intuitive lockout design. Gives you a full lock or half lock for quick access to search and flood light for quick response in critical situations.

HIDDEN QUICK CHARGE PORT - Zero to full in 2 hours with the next-gen 4,000mAh battery. This is the largest and fastest built-in USB-C port charger ever seen on a flashlight. New twist cover gets you a better weather seal compared to other rubber flap covers.

BLINDING 4000 LUMEN BEAM - Full press for 4000 lumen LuminShield floodlight that blinds anyone in front of you or half press for a 1700 lumen search beam to check out distant targets. Both beams can be accessed via a single button at any time.

GRIPPY TEXTURE - The body has a new cross-diagonal cutout design that stays gripping in wet weather and with gloves on.

PROXIMITY SENSOR - Lowers the brightness of the light when something is placed in front of it, and resumes its brightness when it's clear. This stops any burning of holes in your pocket, bag, or clothing.

550 PARACORD LANYARD - Combined with a removable, deep carry clip helps you stow the light deeper into your pockets while the lanyard enables a quick draw.

READY FOR ANYTHING - Waterproof and sealed down to 2m, the EDC33 can take on any climate. Advanced Temperature Regulation (ATR) technology ensures optimal performance based on the environment's temperatures.

From Low Light to High Alert: The EDC33 Adapts with Just a Press

The EDC33 elevates user experience with its ingeniously simple control system, eliminating the need for multiple switches or complex settings.

A single switch, responsive to pressure, intuitively adjusts the light's function and intensity.

Seamless Transition to High Power: While walking in low mode, need a broad view? A full press and hold on the button activates the 4000-lumen LuminShield floodlight. Once released, the light reverts to its previous setting.

Targeted Illumination on Demand: Spot something in the distance? A gentle half-press switches on the 1700-lumen search light, perfect for focusing on specific areas. Releasing the button returns you to the prior mode.

Instant Access in Any Situation: The controls are also fully functional when the light is off, allowing for quick signaling or searching with either the flood or search light, all one-handed - ideal for situations requiring a free hand for other tasks, like holding a weapon.

Stress-Responsive Design: Under duress, fine motor skills can falter. The EDC33’s design intuitively responds to this - a hard press in urgent situations activates maximum brightness, matching the intensity of the moment.

The EDC33's control system is not just about functionality; it's about intuitiveness and responding to the user's intent, making it a highly adaptable and user-friendly tool for any situation.



Lumin Shield
4,000 - 400m 40,505cd


450m 54,500cd
5 63h


ANSI/PLATO FL 1 2019 Standard is a set of flashlight performance guidelines that confirms the light you're buying has been tested to spec, and you're not buying into false performance claims.


LED 9-core UHi 20 MAX LEDs
Reflector Textured
Battery Requirements Built-in 4,000mAh 
Special Modes LuminShield Floodlight & Search
IP Rating IP68, 2m waterproof
Impact Resistance 2 m
115.6mm x 25.4mm x 24mm (4.55" x 1" x 0.94")
Weight 121g / 4.27oz (Clip not included)
127g / 4.48oz (Clip included)
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