Montbell Jacket Men's Plasma 1000 Down Vest
Montbell Jacket Men's Plasma 1000 Down Vest
Montbell Jacket Men's Plasma 1000 Down Vest
Montbell Jacket Men's Plasma 1000 Down Vest

Montbell Jacket Men's Plasma 1000 Down Vest

Montbell Jacket Men's Plasma 1000 Down Vest

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The Plasma 1000 Down Vest is a high-performance piece of outdoor apparel, offering premium insulation, lightweight portability, and practical design features for outdoor enthusiasts seeking reliable warmth in a minimalistic package.


  • Material: 7-denier Ballistic Airlight® nylon ripstop (water repellent finish)
  • Insulation: 1000 Fill Power EX Down
  • Weight: 92 g
  • Size: S, M, L, XL (Size guide)
  • Style 1101530

# Actual Color may vary


High-Quality Insulation: The use of Finest 1000 Fill Power EX Down goose provides top-tier insulation quality. Fill power refers to the loft or fluffiness of the down, with higher numbers indicating better insulation. A fill power of 1000 is among the highest available, ensuring excellent warmth-to-weight ratio. 

Lightweight and Portable: The vest is incredibly lightweight and packable. This makes it ideal for outdoor activities where minimizing weight and bulk is crucial, such as backpacking, hiking, or camping.

Trim Cut Design: The vest is tailored to fit closely to the body without excess bulk, enhancing its comfort and functionality. This design also contributes to its overall lightweight and streamlined profile.

Miniscule Size: Being able to pack the vest into a minuscule size with Stuff sack included further emphasizes its portability and convenience. The vest can be compressed into a compact package, making it easy to stow away in a backpack or travel bag when not in use.

Lofty Warmth: Despite its lightweight and compact nature, the vest promises lofty warmth, thanks to the high-quality down insulation. This ensures that wearers stay warm and comfortable even in cold weather conditions.

Unique "skip-stitch" quilting pattern reduces cold spots and minimizes heat loss.

Sewn Through Construction keeps down insulation in place while lightening the weight.

Downproofing helps keep down from escaping through the face fabric.

Zip End Guard protects your chin and face.

2 hand pockets

Technical Systems

Face Guard zip


A flap protects your chin and face from direct contact with the zipper.


About the material: 1000 Fil Power EX Down

World Class, High Quality Down

Montbell's premium down comes from water fowl that live in regions with seasonal temperature extremes. The down balls from birds in such regions are characteristically much larger.

Large down balls hold more warm air, which translates to needing less down to provide exceptional warmth retention.


Redesigning our quilting pattern also helped reduce weight. Quilting is very important to prevent down from settling, however, if the pattern is too elaborate, down won't be able to loft properly which creates cold spots. This innovative quilting pattern prevents down from settling and reduces cold spots but only uses half the amount of thread as our normal quilting pattern.

About the material: 7-denier BALLISTIC AIRLIGHT®

Ballistic Airlight® is made using the same nylon polymer as our Ballistic® material and a highly technical production process to create extremely fine, super thin threads. These threads are then woven into ultralight, gossamer fabrics that share the same characteristics as Ballistic®: one and a half times more abrasion resistance than other similar weight fabrics and boasts three times the tear strength of nylons that are almost 20% heavier. Additionally, Ballistic Airlight® is often woven using different techniques to create fabrics with radically different characteristics, such as fabrics that allow the garment to stretch or fabrics that "breathe" to release built up heat and moisture.

Information for Down Leakage and Clumping (38-137)

Since this product is designed to be as lightweight and compact as possible, it is made using extremely thin, lightweight materials. Although the material is treated to prevent down leakage, it is possible for down to work itself out through the space between individual fibers. In the event that small feather spines or down clusters work their way through the fabric it is best to reach behind the fabric and pull the offending down cluster BACK INTO its down chamber. Gently massage the area to promote "self sealing" and re-align the fabric threads, while better distributing the down insulation.

Down Information (38-118)

This product uses the highest quality down in the world which has exceptional loft. However, high quality down is not always pure white and as a result, it may be possible to see darker colored down through the fabric.

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