Montbell T-Shirt Men's Wickron Striped Long Sleeve T - Everyday Hiking Trekking Firstlayer UV Cut

Montbell T-Shirt Men&
Montbell T-Shirt Men&
Montbell T-Shirt Men&

Montbell T-Shirt Men's Wickron Striped Long Sleeve T - Everyday Hiking Trekking Firstlayer UV Cut

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Made from 100% polyester fibers, the knitted fabric used in this T-shirt wicks moisture away from skin and dries quickly to accommodate an active lifestyle.

Montbell wickron® fabric allows these relaxed fit t-shirts great stretch and cotton-like softness for supreme comfort. Excellent wicking and quick to dry characteristics make these garments suited to those who enjoy active lifestyles. 

Designed in a border-style this tee keeps you cool and dry.


  • Material: Wickron (100% Polyester)
  • Weight: 211g
  • Color: Navy/Silver (DN/SV)
  • Size: S, M, L (See our Sizing Guide)
  • Style #1104818
  • Provides quick-drying properties while effectively wicking and regulating moisture to promote comfort
  • Lightweight and breathable fabric vents heat and moisture
  • Offers odor control to keep you feeling fresh
  • Cotton-soft touch provides an excellent next to skin feel
  • Spiral slantec cuffs

#Actual colors may vary


About the material: Wickron

Made from 100% polyester fibers, the Wickron fabric is stretchable, soft like cotton, and odor resistant. It wicks moisture away from your skin and is very quick drying.

Once it is made, the Wickron fiber is mechanically dried, which gives it a "dog bone" cross section. By weaving these fibers, we obtained a lightweight, breathable material. Wicron products are great for use indoors and for warm weather activities.

Spiral Slant-Tec Cuff

A unique seamline allows the cuff to stretch when pulled up to your forearm, delivering extra comfort.

UV Cut helps UV exposure

Blocks more than 90% of UV radiation
UV Cut is the percentage of UVA / UVB radiation that a fabric blocks from reaching your skin. UV Cut is affected by fabric color, weave/knit, and material. We base our testing standards on white fabric, generally the least effective. Even our light-colored fabrics block more than 90%of UV radiation, offering a way to reduce exposure. Use sunscreen and other methods to further increase protection. (Exceptions may apply to mesh fabrics.)
•UV Cut is NOT the same as UPF, which measures how much UVA / UVB a fabric allows to reach your skin. These are NOT equivalent ratings and use different testing methods

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